The new loyalty program is finally here!

Russo’s Gourmet Express has seen tremendous growth, made possible by word-of-mouth referrals from our customer base. As a thank you, we initiated the “Catering Perks” program a few years ago and it launched with immediate success. Many of our “frequent flyers” took advantage of the benefits, but due to a lack of visibility, it has not been utilized to the extent that it could be. With the launch of our new Gourmet Express Rewards, we came together on ways to improve the rewards experience. Although we are still in the BETA testing phase, you can earn and redeem rewards now!

As many of you already have an account and may have earned points in the past, you’ll be happy to hear that your points are still available,  your current rewards balance has carried over and is reflected in your account. In addition, we’ve enhanced the online experience by making your rewards available, as you order…you control the experience! By allowing customers to redeem rewards while they order, we have made the use of rewards points more user-friendly.  You’ll also notice the potential rewards point value as you shop, the website will give you real-time views of how many points will be earned on your order.

Seasonal Promotions

It gets even better! With new Gourmet Express Rewards, you’ll have access to exclusive member benefits. Points multipliers, Merchandise giveaways, and Early access to sales are some of the benefits our Rewards members will enjoy.


How do I join GOURMET EXPRESS Rewards?

Create an account here to start earning rewards points. You’ll earn points just for signing up! You’ll continue to earn points for most purchases on

What products are eligible for earning points?

All Food & beverage products are eligible for earning points. The only exclusions are equipment & delivery charges.

What do I get for joining?

You’ll earn instant rewards of 5% on qualified purchases made using your online account. Additionally, you will be eligible for exclusive offerings, point multipliers, sneak peeks of new menu offerings, etc.!

Do I have to order online to participate?

Yes, points are tracked electronically, only online orders will be included.

Will I still be able to order by phone and/or email?

Yes, you will. We are here for you, but to receive points for ordering you will need to use the online platform.

Can I use all my points at once?

It depends on the amount you have, there’s a $500 per day limit. If however,  you have a discount code and use Reward Points, that is accepted.

Will my points from the old rewards program “Boost Rewards” carry over?

Yes! If you had accumulated rewards points in the past, they will automatically be available in our new rewards portal.

Contact our Support Team at 314-671-6771 or